Complementary technologies offered by Eirich and JOEST provide an effective solution for final dressing of saleable agricultural products

The Eirich Mixing Granulator combines essential steps in the process – namely mixing, seeding, granulating and coating – in one machine. The Mixers can deliver output in batches or in a continuous operation, with product discharged through a central bottom outlet.

Granules characterised with specific pelletising properties can be generated using the Eirich Disc Pelletiser that will form larger uniform pellets. The pellets are formed by the rolling motion of the material in a pelletising disc, where the larger pellets rise to the surface of the charge and are continuously discharged.

Drying and final moisture determination of the granules/pellets can be achieved using a JOEST Fluidized Bed Dryer. The moist product is gently transported via a vibrating perforated surface, through a temperature-controlled environment that removes moisture to an exact amount, resulting in a robust grain resistant to degradation through handling.

The final stage is the sizing of the product, and the JOEST vibrating screen can perform this activity. The large range of screens comprising multiple decks and customised sizing will produce a sized product suitable for the required market.

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