Development of industrial mixing technology

As the Australian Agent for Eirich, JOEST offers mixing technology used in industries involved with building materials, ceramics, refractories, glass, battery manufacture, friction linings, foundry sand, metallurgical ores, carbon paste, fertiliser, and many other industries. Eirich has played an active role in the development of industrial mixing technology for more than 155 years, and are considered a leader in this sector.

Eirich Intensive Mixers comprise a rotating mixing bowl, an agitator and an adjustable multi-purpose wall/bottom scraper that allows for homogenisation of process materials at optimum efficiency. Conventional machines are utilised for mixing but other applications utilising the technology include agglomerating, reacting, deagglomerating, kneading, granulating and coating.

Eirich can also provide testwork on the material to be treated that ensures confidence of investment when upscaling to commercial units.

For further information, please visit the website: www.eirich.com

A large range of equipment, high quality manufacture and exceptional expertise ensures that most mixing solutions can be achieved.